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Pro-Enroll :: Promote your benefits package and facilitate the enrollment process
  Pro-Enroll™ is an employee voluntary benefits election portal, created and hosted by Paylogix. Its features include:

Product Details
Each product is accompanied by a description, which enumerates the details and usage of the product.
Delineated Costs
The cost of each elected product is displayed by premium cost per pay period and the total amount to be deducted from each paycheck.
Enrollment, Premium Calculation, and Eligibility Management 
After careful consideration of the benefits available to them, employees are capable of selecting and enrolling in any product at any time. Open enrollment and leave-behind enrollment capabilities are supported. The employer can set up questions an employee has to answer before enrolling in a product to determine premium changes and whether or not that employee is eligible to receive the benefit.
Qualified Life Events and New Hire 
An employee can log in and make a change in any current product subscriptions resulting from a qualified life event.
ACH/Bank Draft
We have the capability to set up automatic premium payments to be withdrawn from the employee's checking or savings account for each pay period.
Video Capabilities
In addition to the product details given, a short video can be included, which would provide a visual representation to giving more details and product explanation.
Administrative Information 
Each employee has a profile including information such as name, age and address. HR Administrators have access to this information along with enrollment trends within employee demographics.
The employer can customize the display, color scheme, and logo to resemble a company webpage.
Customer Service 
Carrier and Broker contact information is displayed so that the employee can call with any inquiries or concerns.
Audit Trail 
Pro-Enroll™ provides records for enrollment and billing that can be accessed anytime
In this technologically advanced world, we allow people to access their benefits anywhere with our mobile browser friendly website.

Pro-Enroll™ was created and is owned by Paylogix, and, therefore, is automatically tied into our core billing system. That means that for every enrollment event, the employee billing information and payroll deduction data is automatically updated in the Paylogix system and is instantly included in the next pay period. HR can observe and approve data online.

Employees can enroll in any multitude of products available, the employer receives one bill and sends one check, we account to the penny, remit, and each carrier receives their premiums.


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