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The Pro-Enroll™ mission is to be a catalyst in the benefit communication, education, and enrollment process. Pro-Enroll™ is a product of Paylogix.

It is a simple web portal through which employees can manage their voluntary benefits. By providing accurate information on the benefits available, and at the same time giving the employee real costs per pay period, Pro-Enroll allows employees to determine which products suit their needs, which products they can afford, and gives them the ability to elect those products at their leisure.

Pro-Enroll™ is compatible with other enrollment methods. Employees can meet face to face, attend a group meeting, call their broker or provider, or participate in any other benefit education event available and, subsequently, use Pro-Enroll™ to enroll in their selected benefits. Employees have open access to their information and the ability to make any changes they deem fit at anytime. HR administrators have access to the enrollment and benefit information in real time; it's more than just a snapshot or a summary.

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